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Exploring Transformational and Transactional Educational Leadership.

Educational Leadership Much has been written about effective educational leadership styles (Townsend 2011) and there appears to be no shortage of literature on this topic as a search shows on  April 2014 there were 14,108 books relating to ‘educational leadership’ for sale on Amazon.co.uk. Educational leadership is both dynamic and ever evolving (Bush and Coleman 2006; … Continue reading

Grounded Theory – a Potential Methodology for ‘Inferential’ Research Questions

Grounded theory is a methodology, originally championed by Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss (1967), whereby an abstract theory is strived for from the views/interactions of participants by means of comparing data. In this research, middle leader motivation to impact on whole school decision making was the key topic of the report. During the initial research … Continue reading

Nasima Riazat – A doctoral networking forum: the origins of #phdchat

Nasima Riazat – A doctoral networking forum: the origins of #phdchat. When commencing my part time (distance learning) PhD, it very soon became apparent that this could potentially be a very inspiring and satisfying, albeit, long and lonely journey. A weekend residential at the University’s conferencing centre was to the main source of scheduled contact … Continue reading

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